Successful Appeal Outcome for New Development in Sherington, Buckinghamshire

Posted on 23/03/2016

The scheme incorporates two, three, four and five bedroom homes, including eleven affordable units, providing a range of dwelling sizes and types to reflect the local character and housing needs.  The layout has been developed to avoid any impact on the surrounding properties to the north, south and east of the site and the extent of development has been set in from the site boundaries to incorporate a landscaping zone for new planting.  The dwellings consist of a combination of linear forms with gables addressing the streets relating to the existing rural and character properties fronting the High Street to the south of the site.  Consideration has been given to roof orientation to allow the incorporation of passive energy systems such as photovoltaic and solar thermal panels where relevant. The scheme has been designed to deliver a development that is not only sustainable in planning terms, by providing housing within an area where existing amenities, facilities and services will support new development, but also to build new houses that would be energy efficient and promote resource conservation.

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A successful result was achieved at appeal for thirty six new homes in the village of Sherington, Buckinghamshire this week.

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