Situated in the mainly residential village of Blunham in Bedfordshire, this vacant 0.2 hectare plot contains the remains of a number of structures and is completely overgrown.  Our client approached us to design a four bedroom home on the site and we successfully achieved planning consent in June 2016.

When developing the design, various factors were taken into account in order to achieve an efficient and responsive site layout. A key consideration was the integration and relationship of the proposed dwelling with the site and surrounding context.  Early in the design process, a primary and secondary axis were identified as being key factors in the design development. The primary axis, parallel to the northern boundary responds to the point of arrival into the site. The secondary axis, perpendicular to the south-eastern boundary of the site relates to the long views across the front and rear gardens.

The position of the dwelling and its relationship with the existing trees  and areas of proposed planting mean the proposal avoids any impact on the streetscape and any overlooking of the neighbouring properties.

Whilst the dwelling employs a traditional form, contemporary elements such as the large glazed openings to the entrance and dining area have been incorporated into the design. The use of stone as a facing material and a metal standing seam upper wall / roof finish, and the scale and proportion of elements and openings, reference the agricultural buildings and industry in the surrounding area.

The proposal has been designed to deliver a dwelling that will be energy efficient and promote the conservation of resources. 

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