Our proposal on this site was for six new dwellings, five of which are served from a new roadway access and the sixth, being the frontage property, accessed directly from Station Road.  We considered whether the layout should have a more extensive built frontage to Station Road but believed that this would lead to a cramped feeling on the site and a considerable amount of space would be taken up with vehicle manoeuvring to allow cars to exit from the site in forward gear.  Additional future development would also result in overlooking between the new dwellings and so affect the amenity of neighbours.

The site therefore has been developed to achieve an appropriate density of approximately 20 units per hectare which we believe responds positively to the character of the setting.  The surrounding dwellings enjoy a relatively low density with spacious gardens.   The development of four bedroomed family houses responds to an identified local housing need. 

The scheme is laid out to ensure no loss of amenity to existing or new residents.  Some existing trees have been retained and enhanced by new perimeter planting which further reduces the impact of the new development.

We have adopted a traditional narrow plan form for unit one which sits on the site frontage.  The houses lower down the site are of a deeper plan but are designed so that first floor accommodation is partly in the roof space.   This allows an efficient use of the site while retaining an appropriate scale and building mass.  Garages are generally integrated into the house or in the case of house five, separated and set back.  Again this approach is efficient and the parking is dispersed so that the car does not dominate the frontages.

The houses have been constructed of traditional local materials with careful attention to detail at parapets, eaves and chimneys.  The use of timber to create traditional porches is a key feature of the design.  The overall composition has been devised to give appropriate relationships between openings and to give a pleasing window to wall ratio.  The architectural devices and built form combine to create a sense of appropriate rural quality based on local vernacular forms and details.

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