This project entailed the design of a new four bedroom home on the site of an existing garage in the village of Salford.  The garage was part of the Clock House, but was a fair distance away, making it awkward and inconvenient to use.  In redeveloping the Clock House, the site of the garage was separated as a vacant plot.

The simple linear form of the new house, with its hierarchy of roofs, echoes the surrounding traditional rural buildings.  The recessed glazed west gable and integrated balcony to the master bedroom is a significant feature of the property.  The orientation of the house means it benefits from views over the garden and the setting westerly sun, but it has been designed not to affect the amenity of existing properties.

Sustainability was a key consideration and provision has been made to install solar of PV panels on the southern facing roofs if desired in the future.

DCa took the property through the construction stages, including the contract administration, certification and valuations.

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