This detached 2800 sq ft (260 sq m) house was designed for clients who had built their existing home in the 1980s and now wished to build a new dwelling in their large garden.

The design of the house is traditional, in the Arts and Crafts style. The form has been devised to take best advantage of the garden and views across the adjacent country park and to give a clear definition to a welcoming entrance.  In keeping with the genre, the design has calculated asymmetry and appropriate window designs. The layout of the house is flexible, but is arranged for our retired clients and occasional large family gatherings.  An unusual feature is the large chimney which serves as an indoor and outdoor fireplace.  All the roof spaces have been used fully and an integrated garage with electric doors has provided easy access to the house, following ‘Secured by Design’ principles.

The building utilised offsite manufacturing techniques, incorporating a Structurally Insulated Panel system, (SIPs), allowing the shell to be erected quickly, achieving a water tight envelope so that interior / exterior trades could work concurrently.  The house is very low maintenance and energy efficient.  It uses a sophisticated energy management system, incorporating a mixture of ground source heat and a whole house ventilation system with heat recovery, combined with high levels of insulation.  This system allows the occupiers to control their environment as they wish.  Large areas of glass, orientated towards the West allow the house to benefit from managed solar gain.  The house has been designed and built to Level 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Materials and labour were sourced locally and products were selected from sustainable sources where possible.  A systematic approach has achieved a high build quality which is a good combination of contemporary and innovative building techniques, with the use of traditional materials and detailing creating a very attractive and interesting house.

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