The application for this house was submitted under Clause 55 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and permission was granted in March 2015.  The presumption is against new development in the open countryside, however, the NPPF does allow for isolated new homes if the design is of an exceptional quality or innovative nature.  The dwelling has been designed to achieve Level 5 of the Code for Sustainable Homes, processing its own energy, power, water and waste.

The initial concept for the dwelling celebrates the client’s past achievements which involve swimming and diving. It was agreed a swimming pool should be located in the basement of the dwelling.  Swimming is notionally referenced throughout the design, from the circular ‘turn’ of the stair, to the three storey fish tank, to the views across the internal and external
swimming pools.

The character of the dwelling is contemporary in style.  The form of the building minimises the visual impact on the neighbouring properties and the wider setting, whilst benefiting from the views over the gardens and a controlled level of solar gain.  Where feasible the proposed strategy of using living green roof technology and soft anti-reflective materials assist in integrating the building into the landscape.

The arrangement of the habitable spaces principally focus on the areas of woodland to the east of the site and All Saints Church to the south east of the site.  The majority of the first floor bedrooms and ground floor living spaces have direct access to external spaces.  The floor plans provide the family and entertainment spaces with a direct and visual connection with the surrounding site.  The flexibility and the potential future adaption of the internal spaces was improved with the incorporation of a dedicated space for the installation of a future lift plus the inclusion of a granny annex providing lifetime living for multiple family generations in one dwelling.

Further consideration was given to the level of glazing on all elevations, managing and servicing the dwelling, the environmental strategy and the buildability of the proposal.

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