This scheme replaces an existing bungalow and removes other large sheds and smaller ancillary buildings, bringing back into residential use a site which was unused and empty.  The appearance of the property is a contemporary, modern design creating a family home which embraces the beauty of the countryside through the building form and the use of large areas of glazing.  The glazing is opaque on the ground floor to provide a degree of privacy for the occupants and is framed with timber cladding.  The building has a low level plinth in a dark finish, which creates the appearance that the building is hovering above the ground from the front elevation.

The accommodation on the south-easterly elevation has sliding doors opening out onto the private garden, both at ground and first floor level.  These are protected by frameless glass Juliette balconies at first floor level to the bedroom wings and by balconies to the first floor living room and central bedroom.

The mono-pitched roofs are orientated in order for half of the roof to take advantage of the southerly aspect.  The flat roof areas provide visual breaks in the roof form and create an area of retractable glazing to the central part of the house, allowing for passive stack ventilation throughout, which was an important element in our sustainability strategy for the house.  To prevent overheating internally horizontal solar shading louvres are incorporated on the south-eastern aspect of the elevation.  These project from the building without having an impact on the views out.

A fabric first approach has been adopted and high levels of insulation have been used to reduce heat loss from the fabric of the building. The dwelling has been constructed using a steel frame system with Structurally Insulated Panels as infill panels where glazing is not used.  The SIPs were manufactured off site to ensure optimum quality and minimise waste.

A Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery system has been incorporated to further reduce heat loss and to create an air tight home which is comfortable to live in. Solar panels were placed on the south facing roofs, of a type which are able to be integrated within the tiled roof finish at 17.5°.  These provide electricity for the home and the use of energy efficient appliances and light fittings will ensure that the energy consumption is kept to a minimum.

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