The brief for this project was to increase the ground floor accommodation of a Grade 2 listed home located in the Conservation Area of Weston in Northamptonshire.  

The design incorporates a single storey glazed link to the rear that leads to a large garden room which addresses the surrounding gardens and provides views out to the south.  The additions use similar proportions and features as found on the existing dwelling.  The proposal deliberately creates a hierarchy between the existing house and new additions, maintaining the importance of the main house.

The proposed arrangement of spaces enables the extensions to enhance the way the dwelling is used.  The glazed link creates a simple connection between old and new, minimising the physical and visual impact on the listed house whilst maintaining a good level of natural daylight into the existing living spaces.  The relationship of the chimney and areas of glazing add a vertical emphasis to the gable elevation, whilst breaking down the scale of the garden room and maximising the level of natural daylight.

To improve the sustainability credentials of the scheme the proposal includes an air source heat pump which generates an adequate level of heat for the underfloor heating and shower room in the new additions.  Any excess heat is fed back into the existing heating system.

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