Our clients wished to replace the existing farmhouse on this site with a larger new home for their growing family.  The current house had been substantially altered over the last twenty years or so in a way which was not particularly sympathetic to the original building and a more traditional style was sought.

The new 7,000 sq ft (650 sq m) farmhouse sits in the open countryside in nine acres of farmland, part of which has been transformed into a wonderful garden. It has unified the design of the setting in an appropriate way with the adjacent, recently reconstructed barns.

The design of the house is inspired by Breton architecture and features substantial stone buttresses and an apse-like front, with slate cut to the curved slope of the roof.  It is constructed from local coursed limestone with bronze window frames. Sizeable oak trusses have been used in parts of the house and annexes and the finishes are of the highest quality throughout.

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