This scheme for Broughton Manor Preparatory School, a 350 place private school in Milton Keynes, has been carried out in five separate phases.  The school has been occupied from the completion of phase one in 2004.  The last phase was completed in 2013.

The facilities and nature of the teaching and play space vary to cater for a wide age range of babies and children from two months to 11 years old.  The layout is designed to integrate with the site to create a cohesive and functional scheme.

The most noticeable feature internally is the school ‘street’ – teaching spaces open onto this spine, which is continuously top glazed. The space is wide enough, not only to provide good circulation, but also to accommodate activities and exhibitions.

Acoustics and sustainability have been major considerations in the design of each phase.   Every effort has been made to maximise the sustainability of the development and its potential to minimise the consumption of energy and resources through energy conscious design and appropriate technologies and materials.

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