The site in Aspley Guise, Bedfordshire, is part of a larger site which was granted planning consent for three new homes at appeal.  This new application relates to one of these homes, replacing a commercial building and several outbuildings.

The proposal is to construct a new two storey low impact home that incorporates the change in level across the site, maximising the views over and providing access to the gardens and the swimming pool at lower level.

The design concept and subsequent proposed layout has a regular form surrounded by an organic and free flowing landscape relating to the setting. This approach assists in the integration of the house within the existing site, rather than imposing itself on the landscape. 

The choice and assignment of materials relates to the private and more public areas of the house.  Glazing is kept to a minimum on the north west and north east elevations, therefore minimising heat loss whilst providing a level of privacy to these spaces. The elevations of the house that benefit from the views and interaction with the garden are treated differently, in a softer, more natural manner, relating to the existing trees and areas of established vegetation whilst allowing larger areas of glazing, maximising views and achieving a controlled level of solar gain.

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