DCa Landscape creates beautiful external spaces which always seek to enhance biodiversity and mental wellbeing.  DCa architecture and landscape sit together to unify buildings, art and space, relating inside to outside to create a sense of joy and contact with nature.

Landscape Solutions

Solutions often draw from the local context, using local materials and labour; schemes may be themed, and great emphasis is placed on sustainability and enhancing our natural capital through added biodiversity.

Design Processes

The process starts with understanding our clients’ objectives or vision.

Once the brief is established, we creatively develop ideas for discussion, often with design outcomes which were never envisaged by our clients.

Scope of Work

Our work ranges from intimate domestic to larger, shared and public spaces.

We aim to create spaces that are sensory, inclusive and accessible to promote a sense of health and wellbeing.

DCa Landscape is a personal, innovative and integrated service to support our clients from inception to the timely, cost-effective completion of their projects to the highest sustainable quality.