Climate change means that moving to a carbon zero world with circular systems of production and consumption; to avoid catastrophe, is the most crucial challenge of our time.  DCa sustain works independently or collaboratively with other DCa divisions to deliver economically and environmentally sustainable solutions for our clients.

Sustainable Solutions

We aim to draw solutions from the local context, optimising orientation and the use of local, renewable materials and labour wherever possible.

We adopt a ‘fabric first' approach before determining renewable energy solutions.

Design Process

The process starts with understanding our clients’ objectives, their vision.

From this point, we creatively develop ideas relating to the design, energy, air handling, energy and building management, procurement, sourcing, recycling, lifecycle / circular systems etc. for discussion, often with innovative design outcomes.

We take a comprehensive approach to optimise opportunity and provide integrated solutions.

Flexible and Adaptable Spaces

Buildings and spaces need to be well lit and ventilated, flexible and adaptable to ensure healthy living and enable response to change.

Our approach to sustainability extends beyond the technical to the social aspects, (e.g., changes in family structure, tenure, sharing and changes to the workplace), to promote inclusive, healthy living and a sense of belonging / identity and wellbeing .... long life – loose fit.

Project Scope

Our work ranges from domestic to large private and public projects.

We aim to provide appropriate, best long-term value for our clients and for society.

DCa Sustain is a personal, innovative and integrated service to support our clients from inception to the timely, cost-effective completion of their projects to the highest sustainable quality.