Build Safe is a division of DCa which specialises in delivering CDM, (Construction Design and Management), services to the construction industry. The CDM Regulations are structured to minimise hazards and manage risks related to the design, construction and operation of buildings. Every new project is subject to the regulations and, as architects, we have specific roles and responsibilities as Designers under the Regulations.

Principal Designer

The Principal Designer has the key role of controlling the pre-construction phase of any project involving more than one contractor and must be appointed by the client. As lead designer, DCa are well placed to take on this appointment backed by our Health and Safety specialist team.


Clients have specific duties under the Regulations. DCa can guide our clients through this, ensuring all the necessary duty holders are competent and appointed, and their projects are managed with full compliance, with an overall ethos of health and safety first.

Good Architecture

Good Architecture is based on the successful synthesis of many parameters, requirements and ideals, and the Health and Safety of operatives and occupants is paramount in the creation of safe and sustainable buildings and places. The consequences of not paying sufficient attention to this has been seen recently in building fires and exposure to damp and mould. Health and Safety is about care for others and extends beyond Health and Safety and Building Regulations to an absolute commitment and belief to do the very best for our clients, constructors and building users.

DCa Build Safe

DCa Build Safe encapsulates our ethos of care and provides the necessary expertise. Our specialist division, led by experts, is in place to support our clients.